Bandon Hill Methodist Church


Welcome to the Web site for Bandon Hill Methodist Church. If you have arrived here because you are looking for a Church to visit or just interested in what we are up to, I’m pleased to have this opportunity to show you something of what happens here.  While we value our traditional Methodist roots, we are very much a Church of today and the future, and this is reflected in our worship too.

However, to us, a church is more than just the building. We strongly believe that a church is made up of people. We want to be a living church, and to provide a warm and caring fellowship as we seek to extend the love of Jesus to all we have contact with. Together with pastoral care, worship, prayer and teaching are our main priorities. It is our aim to grow in our spiritual life, and in our knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

This is summed up in our Mission Statement which is:

  1. Christ centred worship            
    (what our worship is based upon)

  2. Christ led growth             
    how we educate all e.g. Bible study etc.)

  3. Christ like love                              
    (fellowship and pastoral care)

  4. Christ shared with others            
    (evangelism/ outreach)

Thank you for visiting our Web site.  I hope that on another occasion you will visit our church, and we look forward to welcoming you in person.


Welcome To Our Church